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General Strategy

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General Strategy Empty General Strategy

Post by Vishal Liverpool YNWA Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:10 pm

As Per Junax's request, will use this page to post useful tactics..

So far I've been able to setup a defensive line by leaving defenders close to the goal..
I've been quite simple so far.. all I've done to do this is to create a new strategy and place the two defenders close to the goal, and select it as a defensive strategy ..and then select save.. I'm still experimenting with passing the ball around..

For the attacking side, I've left two attackers close to the goal to try and pounce on rebounds..

Robert please feel free to add more..I'm still new to this..
Vishal Liverpool YNWA
Vishal Liverpool YNWA

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General Strategy Empty Re: General Strategy

Post by sbombay Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:04 pm

Good Post, more tactics please.


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General Strategy Empty Re: General Strategy

Post by madmick Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:19 pm

I do something similar Vishal ...I have 3 - my 2,3,4 defence sitting tight in front of goal, no dribble if D and minimum dribble if DM. my number 5 normally a DM sits in front of them centre. this makes for a good defence .

my mid field consists of number 6 which is normally a M...very little dribble so he will not pass the half way line much....above him in centre is my 10 normally a M or sometimes an AM...he dribbles.

then that leaves 7, 8, 9, 11 all A or AM. 7 & 8 inside 18 yard line with 9 & 11 sitting on Keeper. All max dribble and little kick distance.

I find this works well for me. I concede little and score plenty with teams in and around my skill level. Stronger teams find it hard to score and with 4 attacking i always have the chance to score.

unless i play Dollard he can stick 6 past me Razz

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General Strategy Empty Re: General Strategy

Post by SA Swans Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:26 pm

im still working on uploading pictures of strategy on this forun, but somehow I cant get it to work.

Anyway, this is how I think about the game and why I set up my team the way I do.

D: Defenders have one task in my team ...stopped the opponent from scoring goals. I have a goallie and 3 defenders in the box. they have no dribble on them, high pass speed and high marking range. All of this should make them stay in position to defend. I dont want them to run with the ball or to recieve the ball from another player.
I dont have arrows on them! Why? I have noticed that when you use arrows (especially ball arrows) that players can do stupid things. they will run back to the position they are supposed to be in and only then pass the ball. Running a big risk of loosing the ball in a dangerous situation. If you dont use arrows, players seems to play more logically.
Also by not using arrows it looks like defenders are more pro active and ataack the ball, where they will sit bakc more when you use arrows.

M: Stop midfielders from opponents to get the bal to their strikers easily. No arrows in defense again, so they will defend more logically and not just run into the position they are supposed to be in.
M: support attack and connect from D to A. Little dribble, lower pass speed and high marking range ...I only want them to get the ball if they are wide open. If they are not I want the ball being played forward, to rum minimal risk of loosing the ball in a dangerous position.
M: 4 players in midfield who do have arrows moving forard when posession of the ball to maximize support for attackers and have more chance to collect loose balls in midfield (and to force opponents to use the long ball, which can be easily intercepted)

A: 3 attackers close to goal, no marking range, high kick power, low kick distance ...running arrows towards goal, because I always want them to be close to the goal

General: high rythm and agression, but no question mark!

PLAY training matches af often as you can. If you win you get money (1.000.000 per day) and training points. Maybe even fans. If you loose or draw you have extra opportunities to get training points.
Make sure you play with 100% energy. Watse of talent to not do so.
A high morale will also help performance.

I dont use match bonus in the league, because I dont want to get into the highest level league. Why? There are no tournaments there. That means you earns less money, training points, gold balls.

Training points and money are crucial at this stage in the game.

Money to improve your empire!
Stadium and ticket price will get you more money which make you able to build faster
Strategy buildings will make your players better.
Training centre, to speed up training your players.
Banks to be able to hold more money

These are the ones I am focussing on. In this order, because money is majorly importnat in this game. In the end it will make your players better to.

SA Swans

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General Strategy Empty Re: General Strategy

Post by SA Swans Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:49 pm

in the end make a strat which you feel comfortable with and if you have time, make strats for players who have the better of you too often.

I made one for PL team. I just couldn't get trhough his defense with my strat. He has many players close to goal, but no one on the wing. SO I put a winger in my team with high shoot power and distance and also high passing speed. He also had an passing arrow towards goal. He has to stay wide, but play the ball in the box after a little dribble.
I also ordered all my D and M players to play the ball towards him. A very simple tactis which is also easy to defend if you have defenders on the wing. But this team doesn;t.

SO what happens. My winger gets the ball. dribles a bit with the ball, giving two opposite defenders the time to run towarda him. At that moment the defense is wide open and my winger plays the ball into the box giving my attack more chance to get the loose ball and score.

there is a big donside to this tactic. D and M players had arrows to play every ball to the winger. It is easu to defend and more logical balls are not being played anymore. And D and M players often run bakc to the position where they are aplced in your strategy before they play the ball, which can lead to dangerous situations in your own box

SA Swans

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General Strategy Empty Re: General Strategy

Post by Eagles - Shaz Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:43 am

Passing arrows are the yellow arrows? i only just realised that part of the game last night now i need to go back and work my tactics again. Hopefully i can improve my attack now my defence is pretty solid. Can someone post some tips on the yellow arrows i have an idea of how i plan to use it all but so insight would be nice

Advance Thanks Smile

Eagles - Shaz

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General Strategy Empty Re: General Strategy

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